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Gazaab Maharashtra

Every year, 6-10 students from the RCHR make their way to these villages. These members stay at the village for a week and teach all HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate / 12th Grade) passed students Business and Entrepreneurship skills through a personalized curriculum specifically made for these villagers by the Singapore Management University.

Throughout the course of the entire week, minute details such as choosing the right idea to transform into  a business, understanding the demographics of the locality, the likes/dislikes of their consumer and the entire technical know-how on procuring raw materials, costings, accounting, marketing, budgeting, etc. Leading towards the end of the week, we ask each student to come up with their own business idea based on the knowledge they've attained and construct extensive plans for it. 

On the last day of the course, we judge these plans and shortlist the most executable and unique plans depending on the basic needs of rural areas, interview the student, and fund them with part or whole of the seed capital required for starting off their business.

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