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Pink Clouds

The sky is pink

What is
"The sky is Pink"

The Sky Is Pink" is a fundraising campaign in aid of "Aashayein - Adopt A Village." The campaign's primary focus is to collect ₹2000 notes that are soon to be banned in India and direct the proceeds towards the holistic development of rural villages in Maharashtra through the "Aashayein - Adopt A Village" initiative.

Where will the funds be utilised?

The funds collected through "The Sky Is Pink" campaign will be utilized to support the holistic development of rural villages in Maharashtra under four key aspects: Water, Light, Sanitation and Hygiene, and Education and Entrepreneurship. This means the funds will be directed towards projects that improve access to clean water, provide reliable electricity or lighting solutions, enhance sanitation and hygiene facilities, and contribute to education and entrepreneurial opportunities in these villages.

How can I donate?

To make your donation, kindly reach out to us through the contact information provided at the end. If you prefer us to collect the funds directly, please feel free to call our designated helpline number. For further details you can visit us at Your support will contribute to the holistic development of rural villages in Maharashtra.

How can i support the campaign if i don't 2000 notes?

If you don't have old ₹2000 notes to contribute, there are still ways to support "The Sky Is Pink" campaign and "Aashayein - Adopt A Village." You can:

Spread the Word: Share information about the campaign with your friends, family, and social media contacts to raise awareness about the cause and encourage others to donate.

Donate in Other Ways: If you have other financial resources, you can choose to donate using available payment methods, even if you don't have old ₹2000 notes.


In the sky of compassion, old ₹2000 notes find new purpose as we soar together towards brighter futures for rural villages. Join 'The Sky Is Pink' campaign and let your generosity become the guiding light for 'Aashayein - Adopt A Village,' fostering growth in Water, Light, Sanitation, and Education & Entrepreneurship.

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