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Aashayein- Adopt A Village is an initiative founded and carried out by the Rotaract Club of H.R. College, H.R. College, Churchgate, Mumbai.

Rotaract is a worldwide organization of young men and women aged 15 to 30 based in over 176 countries. The Rotaract Club of H.R. College is the youth wing of the Rotary Club of Bombay. We have won Best Club 15 times in a row under Rotaract District 3141, which comprises of over 70 clubs all over Mumbai and enjoys a total membership of over 10,000 Rotaractors.

Our Journey

Aashayein- Adopt a Village has its roots back in the year 2012 when Rtr. Trisha Sanghvi at the Rotaract Club of H.R. College came up with the idea of starting a project which would build sustainable platforms to provide water- both potable and drinking, to the drought-stricken villages of Maharashtra. In the same year, another key aspect of this project was started as a separate initiative which was the education and entrepreneurial development programme.

Along the way and over the years, several new concepts were introduced like fundraisers and social campaigns for these noble initiatives. In the year 2016, the third key aspect of lighting hamlets was started.  It wasn’t until the year 2017 when these separate projects were brought under the umbrella of this magnum initiative that we now know as Aashayein- Adopt A Village. In the year 2019, the fourth aspect of sanitation and hygiene was added to this project to take the initiative as holistic as possible. Starting with Rtr. Trisha Sanghvi, many great minds spearheaded this project since, namely Rtrs. Nikita Chawla, Mohit Bachani, Simran Talwar, Ushmi Jhaveri, Jay Jain, Ansh Hirawat, Dhwani Shah, Sanya Limaye, Karan Shah, Jahan Chandalia, Riyansh Vanigotta, Ansh Jhaveri, Vannya Gupta and is currently being headed by Rtrs. Dhvani Mistry, Batul Chittorwala and Gauri Kadam.  Over a course of 12 years, what started as a small but incredibly remarkable idea has now evolved into a project so magnanimous, that youngsters from a college in South Mumbai are now making a world of difference in the lives of hundreds and thousands of villagers who deserved better. What started with small but headstrong steps has now become a benefactor to clusters of villages

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Find out everything about RCHR and us as an organization towards Aashayein.

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Ongoing Fundraisers being done by us to raise funds & awareness.


Areas of focus which are worked upon in rural villages of Maharashtra.

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